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Where your vision becomes a reality.

We provide systematic, strategic, and experienced support to help you establish your preschool.

Organisational Culture

A successful organisation stems from a healthy culture that is conducive for growth. We help you create a culture that’s designed for progress.

Operations Planning

We provide daily advice on essentials like schedules, programmes, infrastructure, security, hygiene, and nutrition.

Preschool Business Planning

We help you map your way towards a successful preschool business with insights and support in location sourcing, marketing, financial management, hiring, customer service, and more.

Holistic Preschool Curriculum

We prepare you for a comprehensive education programme that covers every aspect of a child’s growth.

Staff Training & Coaching

Develop a culture of curiosity and learning. Create an environment for appropriate training and mentoring your team.

Enrolment Procedures

We audit your enrolment procedures to look for inconsistencies or inconvenience and plan to restructure the entire or partial flow to ensure a seamless experience for parents. We also help children upgrade to their new classrooms with the utmost comfort and ease.

Curriculum Advisory

We help you create a holistic curriculum that meets every aspect of a child’s growth. Our programmes are research-based, uniquely personal, and are made to suit every child’s needs.

Daily Operations

We help you bring seamlessness in your business processes like planning and administration, resourcing, events management, crisis management, marketing, customer service, and more. With effective guidance and support, you can optimise the different areas of your business.

Financial Planning

We provide you with a sound strategy to establish strong footings in the market and capture a good part of it. We review end-to-end financials, including salaries, rental costs, insurance, utility bills, administrative costs, and other bills to ensure viability.

Children Learning And Parental Communication

Well made and tested methodologies ensure that each child gets maximum benefits of preschool education and is showing befitting developmental signs. Our diligent assessments help get insights on the child’s learning capabilities, gaps, and styles. We also guide you on communication tactics and methods to best convey the progress to parents, including portfolio compilation, parent-teacher meetings, newsletters, and learning kits.

Pedagogy And Environment

Make the best first impression. Impress parents on their school tour with impressive classroom management, a child-friendly, safe and hygienic environment, child-centred programmes, and innovative classes. We will train you for the entire process.

People Management

Leadership & Planning

Leadership sets the direction in which the preschool will be moving. A good, educated, experienced leadership helps in developing progressive culture, high education standards, and a positive environment. We help review your leadership bottlenecks and bad practices and suggest changes for maximum productivity and growth.

Staff Management

Having a motivated and optimistic team is crucial for the success of any endeavour. We help you devise programmes that keep your team engaged and driven with periodic reviews, appraisals, setting challenging yet achievable goals, and more.

Staff Training

No amount of environmental design and policies are effective if the core strength, the teaching, is weak. We train your staff for delivering quality education and learning and growing with each class. Our training helps the teachers understand more about the child’s world and what techniques work best for different children.

Professional Development

There’s nothing more rewarding and motivating than a sense of perpetual growth and vice-versa. We help you put in the channels for growth and optimum support to your team members. Our all-inclusive programmes ensure everyone gets equal opportunities to upgrade their capabilities and advance their teaching profession.