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Making their first school memories fascinating

Our Kindergarten Programmes are thoughtfully designed to facilitate children’s overall development. We are dedicated to providing international level quality education and exposure to children. While we educate our students, we simultaneously teach ourselves new methods, upgrade our knowledge, and invent innovative and exciting ways to engage children and change their perception towards education.


Our Programmes are supported and made even more impactful by our child-appropriate infrastructure, safe, familiar, and loving environment, and passionate teachers.

    All our programmes have:

  • Small Class Size
  • Personal Attention
  • Strong Foundation Curriculum
  • Innovative and Exciting Learning Methods to Engage Students

Programmes We Offer

Playgroup (2-3 years)

Playgroup offers a platform to children for social interaction, exposure to a new environment, observation, learning, and exploration. Our approach towards teaching involves all these aspects. It promotes a variety of learning methods, which include arts and crafts, music, dance, games, reading, physical activities, and more.

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Nursery (3-4 Years)

We offer a thoughtfully designed preschool programme which introduces children to new skills and learning techniques and helps achieve the developmental milestones. Our activities are structured to play a crucial role in their growth and to maximize their potential, yet at the same time keep it all fun and games.

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Jr. Kg (4-5 yrs) and Sr.Kg (5-6 yrs)

This is a transitional phase for children where they’re learning and trying new things themselves. We’ve developed an exploratory programme to support this curiosity and complement their adventures. Our curriculum is composed of theoretical, experiential, and creative classes to deliver a comprehensive learning system to children.

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