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Why Online School?

Due to COVID-19, children's access to education is hampered. Their routine is disrupted, and their activities are limited. It is a loss to their critical years. To avoid this loss and effectively utilise the time, Innocent Times has brought its school online.

Note: Our Online School is a hybrid model—online + offline classes. The online sessions are temporary, and once it is safe, the classes will resume at our centres. For any query, call +91 9767788797.

What is Innocent Times doing to make online education seamless and school-like?

We are approaching medium neutrality. We believe it's not about online or offline but good education vs bad education. It's the fundamental qualities of good education that we're focusing on—effective two-way communication, structure, community feeling, uninterrupted accessibility, trust, and engagement.

We've strategically and responsibly designed our curriculum, chosen the platform, modified our teaching methods, and trained ourselves to provide a school-like quality education that strengthens the foundations.

Why should you enrol your child?

Time is of value. The initial years are critical in a child's development, and they need a systemic and structural education system to engage and explore their curiosity. We've designed a hybrid model to ensure children get consistent and proper education they need during this time.

  • Modified curriculum
  • Simple interactive activities
  • Sports and physical activity sessions
  • Japanese language sessions
  • Safe and accessible platform
  • Limited students in one session
  • Minimum screen time with frequent breaks
  • Child and platform friendly teaching methods
  • Personalised sessions
  • Regular parent interactions
  • Digital resources for learning

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