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Inclusive Education Centre

Innocent Times offers an Inclusive Education programme for students in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) that recognizes the right to inclusive education for all persons with disabilities.
An effective education system includes all students, welcomes and supports them to learn, whoever they are, and whatever their abilities or requirements. Inclusive education provides children with opportunities to learn together in the same school without excluding anyone.
Innocent Times has a unique inclusive education programme for children with learning disabilities that stems from the following beliefs of our school.
Core Beliefs
  • All children can learn.
  • All children have the right to receive appropriate educational programmes.
  • All children should receive a curriculum that is relevant to their needs.
  • All children should get an opportunity to participate in co-curricular and extracurricular activities.
  • All children benefit from cooperation, collaboration among home, school and community.

At Innocent Times, we offer a unique inclusive education programme for differently-abled children.

Our programme:


Specialised Individual Education Program (IEP)


Alternative and unique teaching strategies


Sensory Learning techniques


Well-Equipped Occupational Therapy Room


Speech Therapy Programme


Well trained and sensitized staff


Stimulating and Vibrant Learning Environment


Remedial Teaching as per individual needs.The program is monitored by our in-house experts and professionals from various medical fields.

Benefits of Inclusive programme:


Inclusion programmes offered to children with learning disabilities provide them with an opportunity to benefit and succeed along with other peers.


High standards for hygiene and safety.


Nutrition rich food is prepared in-house under the guidance of Dr Ankita Sanghavi.


It allows each student to fully participate in the learning environment that is designed for all students.


Provides all children with an opportunity to mingle with students of mixed ability in the community.


It instils a culture of inclusiveness and respect, providing opportunities to learn about and accept individual differences.


It provides children with an environment to develop friendships with one another.


Children with varying abilities are seen to be more motivated in classes surrounded by other children.


It provides an opportunity for the involvement of parents in the education of their children and the activities.

Additional after school programmes:

A child who qualifies may receive one or more of these services:

  • Speech and language therapy, occupational therapy

  • Psychological services

  • Animal Therapy

  • Transportation

  • Assistive Technology

Who is Eligible?

  • Children with learning disabilities.
  • High functioning autistic children.
  • Children with ADHD.
  • A specific health condition that will probably lead to a delay.

What does the Inclusive Programme look like?

The inclusive programme focuses on skills in these five areas:

  • Physical and motor skills- Fine Motor and Gross Motor (reaching, crawling, walking, drawing, building)
  • Cognitive skills (thinking, learning, solving problems)
  • Communication skills (talking, listening, understanding others)
  • Self-help or adaptive skills (eating, dressing)
  • Social or Emotional skills (playing, interacting with others)
  • Behaviour Modification Programme

Our Team of Experts Include:

Dr Ankita Sanghavi
Director-Innocent Times

BHMS, B-Ed, Diploma in Special Education

Dr Chanchal Agarwal
Occupational Therapist

(Disability- Learning Disability, ADHD, Autism, CP, Downs Syndrome)

Kartiki S.Keshkamat
Clinical Psychologist, M – Phil (IHBAS)

Dr Pooja Chinchole

Occupational Therapist

Uma Kharse

Speech Therapist

Shabnam Kazi
Barkha Sarsar
Sunita Pagare
Deepa Kherdekar

Special Educators

Manjit Kocchar
Audrey Fernandes
Vandana Bhat
Sonal Waghmare

Experienced School Teachers

Angel Therapy Centre

Animal Therapists