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Infant Care

We have a team of experts who are specialised in handling children from age six months and above. Our days are planned to give children optimum nutrition and mental stimulation to enjoy healthy growth. Our environment is positive, healthy, and cheerful, providing children the right atmosphere to experience their initial years. More than a childcare institution, we are their second family looking after their every need.


Your child's day will be a mix of activities made to engage their senses with imitation, exploration, experimentation, simple language skills, sound recognition, and understanding of colours.

Smart Play Designed for Early Education

We've structured days to ensure overall development and correct exposure to children to provide opportunities for learning.

Here's an example of daily activities for our Infant classrooms.



Community time allows infants to spend time together, and as a group, have talking, reading, and singing sessions.



Community time involves reading sessions where stories are read to the group.



Various games are played with different theme related songs, fingerplay, dancing, and more.



Community time is also spent having fun conversations, welcoming each other to the group, talking about special events, activities, and more.

Outdoor Play

We have structured multiple outdoor activity programmes for children to enjoy and experience growth and development.

Curiosity Play

We also have a daily curiosity play where infants pick things from our curiosity box, exploring new things at their own pace with the teacher's guidance or by themselves. These include shapes, letters, colours, textures, smells, sounds, weight, and more.


Children in the initial years need a variety of nutrients for healthy growth. Our daily meal plan, made by Dr Ankita Sanghavi, ensures that infants get proper nutrition and eat a variety of food for proper growth.

Key Developmental Areas include:


Language skills with early attempts at speaking, understanding words, sounds, emotions


Social interactions with adults and other children


Emotional intelligence


Physical milestones like crawling, hand movements, cooperation in daily activities like changing clothes, eating, and more


Cognitive development with an understanding of senses, gestures, identification of familiar and unfamiliar things


Understanding of colours, sounds, and textures