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Employer Partnerships

Build a Custom Childcare Centre at Your Workplace.

Create a culture that attracts the best talent.

Childcare services offered by employers resolve employees of the biggest dilemma; how to look after children while working? It empowers them to focus on work without stressing about the child at home. We make providing these services easy for you, with our flexible workplace Childcare Programme.

Benefits to the Organisation.


Lower rate of absenteeism.


Boosts employee morale.


Employees consider these services while making job decisions.


It helps new mothers return to work early after giving birth.


We offer flexible services with day, week, or monthly plans as per your requirement.

The need of the hour: Bringing the balance.


“50% of New Mothers Leave Their Jobs and Only 27% Return.” - Genpact Centre for Women’s Leadership

Be among the Industry Leaders.


Some well-known companies that offer workplace childcare include Nike, Disney, Johnson & Johnson, Boeing, and more. Be among the leaders. Build a custom childcare centre at your workplace.

What is a custom Innocent Times Childcare Centre?

We offer a personalised childcare solution on-site or near your workspace, helping you create an empowering work culture. This is how you can create your workplace childcare in three simple steps.


Do you already have a childcare system in place?

If you have a currently functioning space and looking for new partnerships, we will help you in end-to-end transitioning.

Is it your first childcare centre?

If you don’t have a ready space, we will help you from scratch, selecting a site, exploring design options, and assisting you at every stage of the development.

Centres We’re Currently Serving.

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